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One band that has been rocking and rolling almost non-stop since its birth in 1976 is Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. Even though the original trio of Tom Petty, Mike Campbell and Benmont Tench has stuck it through all these years, the band has changed members since its inception. It currently consists of them plus Scott Thurston, Ron Blair and Steve Ferrone. Nobody can resist the urge to sway to the smooth voice of Tom and the guitar strumming of the heartland rock band. Anybody would hop skip and dance to find cheap Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers tickets.


Tom, Mike and Benmont formed the band after leaving ‘Mudcrutch.’ Their first album was self-titled and they weren’t really a hit in the United States even though across the Atlantic they were turning heads with their song ‘Anything that’s rock ‘n’ Roll’ on the ‘Top of the Pops’ show. It was so much so that their hit ‘Breakdown’ had to be re-released in the United States after it had raised a storm in the United Kingdom.

No sooner had the group had had their first tastes of fame when they were in a law suit that would end with Tom Petty filing for bankruptcy. The reason was that Tom Petty refused to transfer to MCA Records when it bought ABC Records which was his recording company. That was the first, but not the last, of Tom’s record company woes. A few years later he was in court again for wanting to sell his records at a higher price. It would have made sense if the fans could get cheap Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers tickets in return.


Although over thirty years have passed since the band’s formation they have never stopped or slowed down. Antics like when Tom Petty broke his hand after he punched a wall in frustration caused by a recording or the furor that was raised by feminists when the band released a video for their single ‘Don’t come around here no more’ - It included scenes where Tom Petty cut up and ate slices of Alice in Wonderland helped keep the band in the limelight. Their stars had risen so high that even country and folk legend Bob Dylan asked them to accompany him in tours across the world. Cheap Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers tickets have become very rare ever since.


In 2007 a four CD set movie of their career from birth to their 2006 album ‘Highway Companion’ was released. They have won multiple Grammy Awards, a Billboard Century Award and they also have their own start on the famous Hollywood Walk of Fame. They were entered into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2002. Gainesville, Florida has given them the key to their city because Tom and his fellow band mates had either lived or grown up there at one time or another.

ticketgenie.comSome of their all time hits include ‘Free falling’, ‘Mary Jane’s last dance’ and ‘The waiting’ and ‘I won’t back down.’