It can be tough to get the tickets you want for certain basketball games, particularly those highly anticipated NBA games. There is a way, though, to find last minute NBA tickets. It’s as easy as going on your computer, finding the right web site, and once you are in the right place, you can even buy NBA playoff tickets!

Trying to find tickets for wildly popular NBA games can be quite a chore, if not impossible at times. And often, if you do discover a company selling seats, getting tickets at an affordable price is extremely hard to do. Yet it can be done if you know the best place to buy NBA tickets.

Pro Basketball Tickets Can Be Difficult to Find

One of most popular venues for professional basketball games is Madison Square Garden in New York City. If you have tried to get good, fairly priced Madison Square Garden NBA tickets, especially at the last minute, then you understand the dilemma. These tickets are difficult to come by and when you can find them, they are priced very high. Often, even those high-priced tickets will have you sitting way up high and far from the action on the court.

Other tickets that are difficult to score are NBA All Star Game tickets.  Everyone wants to see this annual competition featuring the best of the best from the top basketball teams in the world. When you know where to go online to grab tickets to a top-tier NBA game, like one at Madison Square Garden or the yearly All Star Game, you will be happily surprised at the prices and the availability offered.

King James is Back and You Want Tickets

Every local fan wants to see their favorite city or state team up close and in action during a live game.  Real fans want to have season tickets so they don’t miss a single live game.  Whether you need New York Knicks or Cleveland Cavaliers season tickets, you can find them for a reasonable price online at the right site. With LeBron James (King James to those in the know) opting out of his Miami Heat contract and back once again with the Cleveland Cavaliers, tickets to this NBA set of games go quickly. LeBron’s return also makes the Cavaliers one of the major contestants in the Eastern Conference. You can snag tickets to the Quickens Loans Arena this season so you don’t miss any of the action.

Because of LeBron James’ popularity, NBA tickets in Cleveland are in high demand once again. If you want tickets, whether you desire season tickets or just tickets to a game or two, you will need to know how to snatch up the best seats before they’re all gone. Knowing which ticket vendor to deal with can be confusing and take a bit of time to sort out, but not if you go straight to an accredited online ticket seller that offers safe and secure transactions for every game available, in addition to other performing arts and sports tickets.

If you live in Cleveland and want season tickets, just understand that this is a tough ticket to find. But with King James back on the team, the Cavs now are the hottest ticket in town and one of the most expensive seats in the NBA. While tickets to the Cavaliers were once just $25, you can now expect to pay an average price of $386 per ticket. []

NBA Tickets Can Be Very, Very Expensive If You Purchase From Certain Ticket Sellers

The National Basketball League has grown tremendously in popularity since the beginning of this century alone. More and more people want to watch the games live and there are many people who have the money to pay all-time-high ticket prices. Those who hold season tickets take up most of the best available seats at the games at any of the stadiums. Others who need tickets have to go to a secondary online market or other vendor to purchase them.

You can try buying tickets, season or otherwise, on a site such as Craigslist. The problem is that you don’t know whom you are dealing with and you also can’t be sure the tickets are genuine. Imagine buying $200 tickets from a total stranger, getting to the stadium, and then being told your tickets are a fake?  Well, you are now $200 poorer and you can’t get in to see the game. What a waste!

Another issue when buying from a site such as Craigslist is that you have to deal with a lot of back and forth emails to negotiate a price and then hope that the seller, if he’s legitimate, will choose to sell to you. Then you must find a convenient, safe meeting place to exchange tickets and money.

A better option to get sold-out tickets is to try, a well-known ticket vendor that keeps prices down and has other perks for their customers as well.  There are other sites out there that offer secondary tickets online, of course. But many have their security issues and price points can vary widely.

Some of the NBA ticket prices are out of many ordinary citizens’ leagues. Yet these are the real fans, those who want to be at the stadium cheering on their teams. The average price for a Gold State Warriors ticket has seen a 49% increase over last year’s prices.

Some secondary sellers will double, triple, even quadruple that price to make their profit, and on top of that, the seats you get are at their discretion.  Wouldn’t it be great if you could pay a fairer price AND get to choose the seats you want?

Tickets to a Houston Rockets game priced very high, depending upon the season. Tickets during the March Madness season will garner much higher prices.  Prices for Chicago Bulls games have risen 16% over the past year, mostly due to the return of D Rose to the game. The Brooklyn Nets’ average ticket prices have also seen a 16% increase in price. And the L.A. Lakers average $265 a ticket. Even though Kobe Bryant returned from his injury to play again, with the loss of Dwight Howard, in addition to other factors, Lakers tickets have actually declined 27% last year. Yet this is still a very expensive NBA ticket to get.

Right now the NBA’s priciest tickets are for the Oklahoma City Thunder games. These seats are sold out for nearly every game and go for high prices, even higher than the Los Angeles and New York markets. In fact, there are 4,000 people on the Thunder’s season ticket waiting list. This is a hot ticket. The Thunder games are at the Chesapeake Energy Arena, formerly known as the Oklahoma City Arena.  When tickets seem impossible to get, you can check out the seats at, an easy-to-navigate web site.

Expensive tickets for NBA games do not have to cost you the price of a monthly mortgage payment!

Buying NBA Tickets Online vs. Other Ways

Box Office Tickets:

Unless you live or work next door to the box office of the stadium where the games will be held, it’s much faster to purchase your NBA tickets online than in person at the venue. Even if you are the first person on line at the box office, this still doesn’t guarantee you will be the first one to get your tickets.  On the other hand, purchasing your tickets online from a reputable ticket broker, like ticketgenie, gets you your ticket in hand immediately upon receipt of your payment. The tickets are guaranteed and with ticketgenie, you can even choose where your seats are located.

Buying at the box office may help you avoid some handling fees and you can be assured that the seats you buy will actually be there for you when arrive for the game. This is stress-free, but you do have to know the box office hours and get yourself there. Also remember that you will always pay full price for your tickets at the box office. You will not be able to score a good price as you might with a broker such as

Scalper Tickets:

You can go to the NBA game on the day of the event and hope to buy tickets from a scalper. Scalpers are people who are usually waiting outside the arena’s entrance trying to sell their unused tickets. Perhaps their friends didn’t show up, or someone got sick, or they want to make some extra money on the side by greatly inflating the ticket prices.  Some of these people are “professional scalpers.” They do this all the time for the money.  Sometimes if you wait long enough to approach a scalper, say after the game has already begun, you may be able to get a real bargain – if the tickets are legitimate.  Anyone can print out a number of tickets at home, even though they’ve only purchased one of them. When one person uses that ticket to get onto the field, that same ticket cannot be scanned and used again. You may be buying a ticket that’s already in use and would be worthless to you.


As stated earlier, this site is for people looking to sell their tickets to others in person. But there are possible drawbacks such as fake tickets and the annoyance of having to meet them in public and hope the seller shows up.


This is a good online or phone site for buying tickets and it is sometimes the only way to buy tickets to certain games, so the telephone lines tie up quickly and your odds of getting good seats go down as you sit on hold or wait for your computer to let you onto the site. As you wait, the best tickets are being sold to others.

Online Forums

There are online forums with fans dedicated to certain teams all speaking online with threads to various subjects. One of these threads may be “Tickets.” Sometimes you can find people selling tickets, similar to a Craigslist ad. Again, you must trust that these people will show up to meet you with the tickets and that you are getting authentic entry tickets.


The website offers you a perfect way to purchase fairly priced tickets to any NBA basketball game and many, many other attractions. With, you are given a 125% guarantee on your tickets.  Your tickets are guaranteed to arrive early and in plenty of time for your event, to be the same tickets you ordered online or of even better seats than you paid for, to be legitimate tickets and to be completely refundable if your game gets permanently cancelled.

Here is a ticket-selling site that has an “A+” rating with the Better Business Bureau.  []  

Ticketgenie’s rating is based upon having zero complaints in the last 3 years. Ticketgenie has met the BBB’s accreditation standards, which includes making a good faith effort to resolve any customer’s complaints.

At, you are assured of a safe and secure transaction when purchasing tickets. Tickets are generally shipped by Federal Express and you are guaranteed to receive your tickets before your event is scheduled.  Plus, you can buy tickets any time of day or night, 24 hours a day.

Your tickets purchased through are guaranteed to be authentic and valid at the gate for entry. If for any reason you are denied entry, the company will investigate and refund you for the full amount you paid, including shipping and handling fees, if the error is the company’s fault.

If your event is permanently canceled for any reason, ticketgenie will get you a full refund, including service fees.  This is something that would be difficult to obtain when purchasing tickets through a stranger on a different web site or forum.

When you look at the web site, you will understand its popularity. The site has over 100,000-plus events available for sale on its site. The company sells tickets for everything: concerts, plays, musicals, football, baseball, hockey, and basketball tickets. They also have travel tickets and city guides available for anywhere in the United States.  You can even book hotel rooms in many major U.S. cities at deeply discounted prices.

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