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Country music would never have been complete without the duo of Kix Brooks and Ronnie Dunn, known as Brooks & Dunn. Both were established singers and songwriters before they even came together. But amazingly there has been no better duo in album sales, in any genre of music. There can never be cheap Brooks & Dunn tickets when everyone knows that they have won the Country Music Association’s Vocal Duo of the Year award year after year from 1992 to 2006 excepting 2000. They also won the Entertainer of the Year award in 1996.


Born on May 12, 1955 in Shreveport, Louisiana, Leon Eric ‘Kix’ Brooks III moved to Nashville, the Mecca of country music, in 1979. He had built up a following playing the club circuits in Alaska and Maine.

Texan Ronnie Gene Dunn was born on Jun 1st, 1953 in Coleman. He attended Abilene Christian University for short while. He was a hit at a local watering hole, ‘Duke’s Country’, before breaking into the limelight by winning a talent contest that was sponsored by Marlboro.

The two artists had never met before 1990 when Arista Records’ Tim Dubois brought them together.


Their discography can answer why people should look very hard if they are to find cheap Brooks & Dunn tickets. They have been impressive since day one.

Brooks & Dunn released their first album, ‘Brand New Man’, in August 13, 1991. The album performed amazingly: 4 songs, ‘Brand New Man’. ‘Neon Moon’, ‘Boot Scootin’ Boogie’ and ‘My Next Broken Heart’ topped the US charts. The album itself was a six times Multi-Platinum and reached number 3 on the Album Charts.

Similarly, their second album ‘Hard Workin’ Man’ was released on February 23rd, 1993. It also put five songs at the top and reached the number 2 spot on the album charts. It was a certified 5 times Multi-Platinum.

Their third and fourth albums fared just as well. Released in 1994 ‘Waitin’ on Sundown’ also put five songs on the charts, became their first to reach number 1 and became 3 times Multi-Platinum.

The 1996 album ‘Borderline’ again charted five songs. The first song, ‘My Maria’ reached number 1 and became the most played song of the year. The album was at the top of the album charts and was 2 times Multi-Platinum.

The list goes on. They never stopped excelling in their works. Whether they played ballads, country-rock and even gospel-like music they have played them all the way to the top. They didn’t even need to make new music to put albums at the top. Their collections albums ‘The Greatest Hits Collection’ I and II, both made it into the charts, and not only that, they also were certified 4 times and one time Multi-Platinum for the first and second respectively.


ticketgenie.comSadly, after over 19 years on the world stage, in August 2009 the duo announced that they would be parting ways after they did a final world tour in 2010. Now would be a very good time to start looking for cheap Brooks & Dunn tickets, if they can be found.

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