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Iron Maiden

The Iron Maiden is a popular British band whose genre is heavy metal. Iron Maiden has so many songs that have rocked the followers for more than 30 years. The founder of the band is also the songwriter and bassist. When Steve Harris started the band he had no idea that it would ride the waves of fame. Iron Maiden is the pioneer of heavy metal, which is why it is so successful.

All the members of the band put their own special touches such that each song has flavor irresistible to the year. Dave Murray is one of the oldest members of the band with Steve. Dave is a guitarist and also a vocalist. There are two other guitarists who actively add the right sound to the music, namely Adrian Smith and Janick Gers. Adrian is also a backing vocalist. Nicko McBrain plays the drums. The leading vocals are done by Bruce Dickinson.

Their concerts are a must to see. The Iron Maiden breathes fire into the music. They boast of 19 concerts to date. All their concerts have been packed with fans who are invigorated by the music. Right now the band is preparing for its world tour. This is one that you shouldn’t miss. By now the band knows how to deliver what the fans desire. Tickets are usually expensive but there are cheap Iron Maiden tickets will be made available. You should buy before they are sold out or you are forced to buy expensive tickets. Their makeup alone will blow your mind away.

Iron Maiden has been releasing songs since 1978. The first was The Soundhouse Tapes. Although it was a demo containing 4 songs, it was disappearing from the shelves so fast that in a few weeks all the 5000 copies made had been sold out. From there, the band has never stopped rocking the waves. Most of their albums have achieved the platinum and gold status. This alone shows that the band has a heavy fan base. So if you are a fan, don’t hesitate to buy your cheap Iron Maiden tickets as soon as possible or you will miss the upcoming concert.

The Iron Maiden has just finished the newest and freshest album entitled The Final Frontier. It will be released this summer. Upon its release, the band will go on a world tour of the same title. This album is set to raise them to greater heights. In the history of rock music, the band is the most dominant. Because Heavy Metal began with the band, it knows how to manipulate the instruments to produce the music. There is no other band that precedes this one in heavy metal music. Fans, don’t be preceded by others to buy cheap Iron Maiden tickets online.

ticketgenie.comThe Final Frontier World Tour is set to be one that everyone will be talking about. It will be hard to ignore once you see the ads about the tour. Not only can you get cheap Iron Maiden tickets but also the schedule for the tour.

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